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Growth After Trauma

Growth After Trauma Why are some people more resilient than others—and can it be taught?   By Lorna Collier November 2016, Vo

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Extreme Acceptance

Not everything that happens to us in life is something we signed up for. There are some things in the past we desperately wish nev

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Overcoming Blind Spots

So far in this blog series, we have further developed the themes of awareness, acceptance, and action. We have learned that we can

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Levels of Awareness

Have you ever noticed something about someone else before that person did?  Maybe that person has a funny tic or says the work “li

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Levels of Action

In the previous blog, we talked about five stages of acceptance.  Now we are going to talk about five stages of action. Do you rem

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Levels of Acceptance

Levels of Acceptance   All of us struggle at times to accept the reality we have been dealt.  Sometimes reality is so painful

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