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Dr. Reutter specializes in treating both PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr. Reutter is especially passionate about working with traumatized adolescents, survivors of sexual abuse / human trafficking, and Spanish-speaking populations. 

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DBT Trainings

Dr. Reutter is a DBT-certified therapist who contracts with PESI to provide quality DBT trainings all over the nation. If you are pursuing a DBT certification, Dr. Reutter provides both the training and supervision necessary to complete your certification.

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Adoption Evaluations

International adoption can be a long, emotional, and expensive journey. As a bilingual therapist with three multi-ethnic children of his own, Dr. Reutter is uniquely qualified to assist your family in the daunting process of international adoption!

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About Dr. Reutter

Dr. Kirby Reutter is a bilingual clinical psychologist licensed in both Texas and Ohio. With a dozen different mental health credentials plus 13 years of clinical experience, Dr. Reutter is well-equipped to meet your psychotherapy needs.

Dr. Reutter is trained / certified in the following models of psychotherapy:

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Trauma Resources

See Dr. Reutter’s acceptance speech for the NCU Alumni of the Year award for his work in combatting trauma and human trafficking. 

Watch Dr. Reutter’s recent TEDx Talk on the effects of human trafficking on both the brain and society.

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